About us


Clínica de Cirugia Capilar y Medicina Estétic , CAPMED , is founded by Dr . Lisette Pappaterra, is designed to ensure absolute comfort for the patients while receiving the highest quality of care in a very personalised way.

Dr. Pappaterra is committed to provide a unique service with a very modern facility with a relaxed and warm atmosphere. The City of Santiago, is a very metropolitan city and at the same time, very enjoyable, our patients enjoy absolute comfort and satisfaction during the stay.

Lo que dicen nuestros pacientes felices

“I got an amazing hair transplant from Dr. Lisette. (FUE method). She was professional and very knowledgeable about the procedure. Her staff was also very helpful during my procedure. Everything went accordingly to plan and I would definitely recommend CAPMED to anyone looking for a hair transplant.”

“53 Year old male form California. After recently completing a face lift and tummy tuck in the last 6 months in Tijuana Mexico, I have been searching for Hair replacement clinic that I am comfortable with.

Wonderful, Fast follow up. The Dr. who personally called me. I didn’t get a salesperson from the clinic which is been my experience with all the other clinics. This Dr. is VERY knowledgeable, nice and understanding. Not pushy at all. She explains EVERYTHING and reviews different procedures. Her prices are great and upfront, no surprises. Its actually less expensive to fly from California to Dominican Republic, have a little vacation and hair transplant for less then the cost in Mexico and more then 75% less then the same procedure in the USA. I am looking forward to working with this Dr and Clinic.”