Facial peeling

peeling-facial-1A peeling is a non-surgical medical technique specified to improve skin appearance. We achieve a complete skin cell renewal, which includes toning down the skin lesions and defects (dark spots, fine wrinkles, dilated pores, scars) and improving skin tone, color and texture.


A mixture of precisely combined substances and acids, which are applied on the facial epidermis. This mixture regenerates cells and reduces melanin pigments through osmosis.


The doctor wills determine in each case which is the appropriate treatment of Facial PEEL (rejuvenation or depigmentation) and the frequency of the same.

Initially, a mixture of different acids, which allows the division of the outer epidermis layers, is applied in order to improve the penetration of the depigmentation components.


Facial PEEL is specifically recommended to achieve results in:

  • Anti-aging effect, stimulating cell exchange.
  • Reduction of fine wrinkles and pores dilation.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Homogenization of the facial coloration.
  • For acne, it works as an anti-seborrheic and a comedolitic.


This treatment is not recommended in the case of:

  • High phototype skin-types.
  • Injuries in the zone to be treated (wounds, bacterial or viral infections).
  • Allergy or non-tolerance to any of the FACIAL PEEL components.
  • Having taken Roacutan during the last 6 months.


After the treatment the patient should abide by the following recommendations in order to achieve better results:

  • Sun protection every 2 hours during solar exposure.
  • Daily or on demand skin moisturizing.
  • Using make-up within 24 to 48 hours after de peeling application only if it is strictly necessary.
  • Avoiding any IPL laser treatment, radio frequency treatment or any other treatment generating heat on the face.
  • Do not wash the face with hot water. Cold water is preferable.

During the days following the treatment some side effects may appear, such as: erythema, local heat, mild edema of the eyelids and dry skin.

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