Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma is a biological, autologous, non-toxic and non-allergic product, which activates vascularization. It works in the accelerating process of fibroblasts, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic. It produces a rejuvenating effect, which helps to reduce thin wrinkles and expression lines. PRP also helps to improve tightness in areas with flaccidity.


A patient’s concentration of platelet contains huge reserves of proteins and of growth factors that initiate and accelerate fibroblasts regeneration, which results in a greater elasticity, a greater tone and a better skin appearance.



A 20-30 cm3 blood sample is taken from the patient to undergo a centrifugation process in order to reach the platelet concentration. The platelets obtained from the sample are injected into the patient’s intradermal tissue via micro-cannulas.

The application is performed in 30 minutes. It is completely painless and does not require allergy testing.

Platelet Rich Plasma is a safe and natural process. Side effects do not exist.


Platelet Rich Plasma is specifically recommended to achieve results in:

  • Photoaged skins.
  • Dermal tissue retraction (cellulitis skin dimpling), acne aftereffects.
  • Scars and wrinkles filler.
  • Postpeeling.
  • Cutaneous biostimulation.
  • Autologous fat transference.


This treatment is not recommended in the case of:

  • Acute or chronic infections.
  • Previous intake of anticoagulants  within 7 days  of the treatment or after


The complete treatment consists in the application of 3 sessions with a break of 15 days between each session.

Effects can be appreciated almost immediately; given that it releases a huge quantity of growth factors, which regenerate and reorganize damaged tissues. Skin will look brighter, smoother and radiant.

The highest expression is reached within 20 and 30 days and will remain for months. PRP has a profound action and long-lasting effects, given that collagen regenerates progressively.


After the treatment the patient should abide by the following recommendations in order to achieve better results:

  • Sun protection every 2 hours during solar exposure.
  • Wait for 2 hours before applying make-up.
  • Avoid blood donation, at least until a month after.

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