Low Level Laser

Láser-IMD1The function of low level laser therapy is to slow or stop the progression of hair loss.Studies on the effects of laser phototherapy have been shown an increase in cellularmetabolism and blood flow in the hair root, which transforms a weakened follicleinto a healthier follicle, preventing excessive hair loss and stimulate their growthphase.

LLLT is also thought to increase blood flow and stops hair loss in 85% of cases, while stimulating new hair growth in 55% of cases according to the medical literature. It is FDA approved for use in the United States. It’s safety and efficacy has been proven in Europe and Asia for decades. LLLT is a non surgical treatment option for restoration and stabilization of hair loss. It is an important part of medical therapy for those patients who are not candidates for surgery, or for men and women with thinning hair or hair loss. Some surgical patients desire laser therapy for additional hair stimulation after hair surgery.

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